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Interview with Dr. Phil

Meeting Dr. Phil was the highlight of my professional career. After meeting him the first time in 2018, I had the opportunity to visit his TV studio for three recordings. At a separate occasion I had the opportunity to interview him and ask him specifically about the reason why people do not live to their full potential.  


Health Impact Award - Bali

Every year iLab selects a health care professional making an impact. Roger Hamilton, the genius mastermind behind this program is known for his creative entrepreneurship and social consciousness. 

I was honoured to have been selected.

"At iLab, we want to shine a light on not just health entrepreneurs with a promising business that can change the world, but which also provides positive values with a social impact.

Thanks to Dr Beulah's experience as a Psychologist, her passion for raising awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and an advocate of neuro-developmentm we believe her business can do just that"  

2nd European Autism Congress - Budapest


iMap and iDevelop: A Call ​for a Global View on individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and the practical implication for assessment and personal intervention.

Received special recognition for a phenomenal presentation and my contribution to the field.


SA Property Investors Network

Received a nomination as a finalist for the Investor of the Year Award in the category "Innovative."

This was based on the way I have started a group of schools in SA and how I used my properties to be able to provide a much needed remedial solution for the many children in need of remedial schools.  


Radio Subject Specialist

I love the fact that I have been able to share information with parents for the last 3 years on a monthly basis. Tune in every first Monday of the month at 6pm to CCFM.


Interview with Vanilla Ice

Whilst interviewing Vanilla Ice, we spoke about the fact that he is ADD and OCT. This phenomenal person is highly creative and diverse in his skills. Apart form being a successful performer, he is a skilful business person with a highly successful property portfolio. I love surrounding myself with creative and inspiring individuals who are showing us the many blessings of ADD. 

I resonate a lot with his profile!


Mega Success - Los Angeles

Speaking in front of over 2000 people from 87 different countries. 

The fact of the matter is that my topic (neuro-development) is applicable to all, not ony children on the Autsim Spectrum. 


KykNet Channel 144

TV interview about our unique schooling model and the therapeutic interventions we use at EduExcellence. The concept of TheraED is based in educational neuroscience and we have been implementing this model since 2007 with great success.


Two tycoons in the business and property industry. JT Foxx, the worlds number 1 wealth coach and Hugh Hilton has taught me so much over the years. 

JT Foxx & Hugh Hilton

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