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University of Pretoria 1991

Formal Training

D Ed (Educational Psychology)

University of South-Africa (UNISA) 2007

M Ed (Educational Psychology)

University of Pretoria 2000

B Ed Psych (Ortodidactic)

University of Pretoria 1993

B Prim Ed (Pre-Primary)

University of Pretoria 1991

Crisis Leadership Academy - iLab International

IPP -  The Structure of Intellect - SOI systems - Springfield

The Structure of Intellect - Intermediate -  Trainer status - SOI systems - Springfield

Advanced Emotional Intelligent Parenting  -  Robin Booth

Emotional Intelligent Parenting  -  Robin Booth

Heart Intelligence Coach  - The Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence

Parent Enrichment Programme  -  Village Waldorf School

Gift of Dyslexia - Davis Dyslexia Association International

Advanced Quantum Biofeedback Training - Human Growth, Development and Recovery  (Quantum Biofeedback) - NBCB - USA

Nutrition, Digestion, Cardio Vascular, Degeneration, Psycho-Neuro-Immunology, Clinical  Integration - IMUNE - USA

EEG Biofeedback Certificate - ADD Centre, Canada

Berard Auditory Training - Berard AIT, France

The Structure of Intellect  -  SOI systems - Canada

Certified HANDLE practitioner  -  The HANDLE Institute, USA

Clinical Hypnotherapy  -  The Wellness Institute - USA

Windows to our Children Play Therapy - Violet Oaklander  -  The Centre for Play Therapy and Training - USA

Working with Sexual Abused Children -  Homeyer & Associations

Learning Ability Battery (LAB) Course  -  Lead the Field Africa

Filial Therapy  -   Education Unlimited

Advanced Play Therapy  -   Education Unlimited

Play Therapy  -  Education Unlimited

Group Management Skills  -  HRD Resource Centre

Developmental Touch Therapy  -  Education Unlimited

Griffiths Mental Development Scale  -  Association of Research in Child Development

Vision Fitness Programme  -   Vision Fitness Training

Short Term Therapy with Oppositional & Defiant Children and Adolescents  - Education Unlimited

Techniques & Strategies to Help the Angry Child  -  Education Unlimited


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