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iDevelop™ Brain Health is a natural cocoa flavoured nutritional supplement specifically designed to support the many complex functions of the human brain. It contains all the nutritional components which the brain requires daily, at optimally required amounts (as indicated by current research).

iDevelop™ Brain Health

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  • Feeling stressed, tired, and have a lack of concentration?

    Brain Health consists of all your important nutrients and minerals to get you through the day and doubles up as an excellent B-complex.

    Boost your brain the natural way – regardless of age.

    Brain Health contains all the nutrients that the brain and the nerves require, to optimise both physical and cognitive function. It also contains many of these nutrients in ODA (Optimal Daily Allowance) amounts, which is significantly more than your normal, basic supplement. This is the reason why Brain Health is so effective.

    Instead of a handful of tablets daily, our new technology combines more valuable nutrients in a delicious chewable granular formulation for children and adults.

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